Someone is Shopping Bobbi Kristina’s Death Bed Photo

I was wondering when Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s family members would make a money grab while she’s still drawing her last breaths. Brown was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub on Jan. 31. She was taken off life support and moved to a hospice to die peacefully. Now that the 22-year-old aspiring singer is […]

Defendant breaks down when he realizes judge was former middle school classmate (Video)

2 Miami Dade County middle school students embarked on separate journeys in life. But on Thursday they were reunited in a Miami Dade courtroom. Hardened criminal Arthur Booth was recently arrested on burglary and theft charges. Miami Judge Mindy S. Glazer presided over his bond hearing on Thursday. The petty criminal raised an eyebrow when […]

11 Big Questions Left Unanswered By Terminator Genisys

Paramount Pictures Terminator Genisys has only been in theaters for a few days now, but it’s already led to an excessive amount of disappointment, frustration and laughter. We’re of the belief that it’s a passable summer action movie — no more, no less — but even though we landed on the positive side with our […]


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