7 Movies That Show Real-Life Versions of Pixar Animated Features

New Line Cinema It’s hard to tell if anyone would care about the story of Edith Macefield without its loose connection to a beloved Pixar movie. Macefield was the owner of a 100-year-old house in Seattle, which she refused to sell to developers. She never attached a bunch of balloons to the exterior to lift […]

It’s Time to Choose Sides for Captain America: Civil War

Marvel Studios In this new promo art for Captain America: Civil War, which began circulating online earlier today thanks to ComicBookMovie.com, we get to see what Marvel’s next big superhero clash has in store. The interesting part is that it shows off the two teams that are going to go to battle in the great […]

NBA legend Darryl Dawkins dies at 58

NBA legend Darryl Dawkins has died at the age of 58. The former 76er was the first player to ever be drafted straight from high school in 1975. Dawkins remained in the league until 1989. Known for his incredible dunks, Dawkins earned the nickname “Chocolate Thunder” as coined by Stevie Wonder. According to TMZ, 911 […]


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