Paul McCartney Was Keith Richards’ Replacement In New Pirates Film

Johnny Depp turned to Paul McCartney for his latest Pirates Of The Caribbean blockbuster after Keith Richards made it clear he was too busy for another cameo. The Rolling Stones star Keith reportedly dropped out of a planned return to the franchise as the father of Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow, and so the actor reached […]

David Hasselhoff Passed On Leonardo DiCaprio As Baywatch Son

Leonardo DiCaprio’s parents are still sore with David Hasselhoff for refusing to cast their son as his kid on Baywatch. Hasselhoff admits he ran into Leo and his folks at the Cannes Film Festival premiere for The Great Gatsby in 2013 – and they still remembered the snub. “I said, ‘I’m responsible for your career…’ […]

Brad Pitt, Lars Ulrich And Pharrell Williams Among Mourners At Chris Cornell’s Memorial

Brad Pitt joined musicians Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Dave Navarro, and Pharrell Williams at a memorial service on Friday to honor the life of tragic rocker Chris Cornell. The singer committed suicide by hanging after performing with his Soundgarden bandmates in Detroit, Michigan on 17 May, and his body was reportedly cremated in a low-key […]