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Hopefully, Bass is not planning to bring back matching track suits and frosted tips.


Lance Bass may have given up his dreams of traveling to the moon, but he’s still got some potentially entertaining projects on his plate. At a party last week, the former *NSYNC-er told NY Mag that he’s planning to become the next Simon Cowell, in so many words.

Bass says he’s sold six reality shows to different cable networks. Among these is a show for VH1 that will pit members of different ’90s boy bands against each other: “They’re all going to form a boy band, each, from the most talented guys in America that I’ve scouted, and then they’ll go head-to-head in a competition to see who the best band is, so it’s bragging rights for the guy in the group, for sure.”

Don’t worry, ladies: Both the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC will be represented in the show. Bass says he’s confirmed BSB‘s A.J. McLean, *NSYNC‘s Joey Fatone and New Kids on the Block’s Joe McIntyre. He’s also trying to recruit former New Edition star Bobby Brown: “I think Bobby will do it. I think he’d love it.”

Bass’ show sounds just like The Voice, with the added bonus of sheer testosterone and kitsch factor. Brilliant! All it needs is one of the guys from 2gether. We’re looking at you, Kevin Farley.

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