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40 Glocc Speaks On Fight With The Game! Says He Was “Pistol Whipped”

40 glocc

The Internet went crazy on Sunday (July 8), after news surfaced of an altercation between The Game and G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc in Los Angeles, hyped by video footage that leaked shortly after.

The California rap rivals apparently bumped into each other sometime Saturday afternoon (July 7), a fight ensued and both took to their Twitter accounts to tell their side of the story. While Game simply states he caught 40 Glocc, confronted him, and beat him up (and filmed it), Big Bad 40 claims he was approached at gunpoint and jumped by (at least) 10 members of Game‘s entourage.

In a nearly two-minute clip, uploaded by Game‘s camp (, it seems as though it’s mostly a one-on-one encounter with 40 trying to flee from the bigger Game. However, at one point during the video, 40 Glocc is heard saying that he is “being jumped.”

40 Glocc spoke to VladTV on Sunday, offering his account of what happened, maintaining what he previously said on Twitter (@40Glocc): guns were drawn, he was jumped, and he took an “L”.

“I took it. Take a licking, keep on ticking. I had to turn the wheels on, you know what I mean? If you ain’t got a gun, you better run,” 40 explained. “My motto is: if you ain’t got a gun, and they got some, you better run. I had to do what I had to do, I had to get out the situation.”

The Southern Cali rap vet later revealed that he and Game attended the same pool party at a residence in the Hollywood Hills. While nothing took place at the party, later, when 40 went to leave, Game and his crew were waiting outside.

“We seen each other at the party, but he acted like he wasn’t looking at me, so I was looking at him. Then, I’m like ‘Ok, he ain’t trippin; then I ain’t trippin’,’ ” 40 explained. “I posted up for a while. Then I was ready to go, I left, boom. When I [got down the hill], all I saw was a gang of n****s, like ‘Turn it up, turn it up,’ screaming. I turn around, these n****s got guns and running at a n****. What was I supposed to do? Run towards them?”

As far as the footage, 40 claims it was edited in favor of The Game. He says video of him being outnumbered, and/or weapons being pulled were intentionally left off to make him look bad. But, despite the altercation, 40 says his issues with The Game aren’t finished — he won’t shut up, and even went as far as saying, he wants a “repeat”.

“Where’s the fade? You gotta get ready for the repeat. Other than that, I’m cool. I walk out from getting jump from all these n****s, I never got no busted lip, no missing teeth, no black eyes, no nothing.”

Listen to the full VladTV interview below:

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