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Jay-Z Wants To Smash Nia Long!


Nia Long has revealed that Jay-Z described her as every man’s fantasy girlfriend, hinting that he has a secret crush on the stunning actress.

The Big Momma’s House star and hip-hop mogul caught up with each other recently at an industry event where Nia took the opportunity to compliment the rapper on his multi-million dollar successful career.

However, she wasn’t expecting his answer.

“I saw him at a party and I complimented him on his long run in music,” 41-year-old Nia told Essence magazine.

“But he turned it around and asked me: ‘How does it feel to be every boy from the hood’s fantasy girlfriend for 20 years?’. It made me laugh, I hadn’t really thought about it.”

Nia will just have to remain Jigga’s fantasy crush as she is currently dating basketball player Ime Udoka and he is happily married to Beyonce.

Who knew Jigga had a secret soft spot for Nia?

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