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Eddie Griffin’s Lesbian Club Fight


Eddie Griffin has launched a homophobic rant in response to a report written by a gossip site about an altercation he had with a woman at a recent show.

The comedian was furious to read TMZ‘s report about the incident at one of his gigs during which a woman in the front row threw a drink in his face after he made a joke about lesbians. In retaliation to her drink throwing, Eddie chucked water over her and also dashed the empty bottle at her.

Eddie claims TMZ twisted their version of events and he released a statement letting them know he was considering taking legal action against their report.

“These TMZ b***hes said I assaulted a “WOMAN” at my show in cali. I don’t know what kind of eyes these mutha f**kas got but that dyke b***h threw a glass of whatever she was drinkin’ in my face. All over a joke about dyke b***hes!” Eddie wrote in a statement.

“Now TMZ be careful with your choice of words, I didn’t ASSAULT a goddamn thing! if I had a ni**a would be locked the f**k up. As usual, media doing sensationalism instead of journalism.”

“Ya’ll better retract your story before i sue ya’ll bitch asses for defirmation of character!…or…rather what you really do…character assassination!!! You parasitic mutha F**kas!!!..TMZ these nuts b***h!!!”

Watch the video for yourself below and tell us if you think TMZ exaggerated their story

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