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PHOTOS: Nic Cage’s Outfit Has Taken A Turn For The Worst



While Nicolas Cage sunned himself on his Italian vacay, he must have decided to “when in Rome” his fashion sense as well.

Just kidding, because, we don’t know any Italians (or, anyone) who dress the way the 48-year-old actor did for the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy on Wednesday.

Just check it out: the watercolored blazer. The slicked back red hair. The bleach whiskering on the jeans. The sunglasses. The turquoise mannery. (That’s man jewelry, for the uninitiated.)

We pondered. Then, it hit us.

Here are some possible explanations for Nicolas Cage‘s outfit:

  1. He’s competing in a Cryogenically Frozen Johnny Depp lookalike competition.
  2. He lost a bronzer fight with Snooki.
  3. He won a shopping spree at Claire’s and decided to just #YOLO.

But most compelling to us is that Cage took his style inspiration from one of those eyeshadow palettes designed to complement blue eyes. Why else would you combine those odd shades of copper and baby blue? Right??

Cage does have blue eyes, so, maybe the end result isn’t as bad as we think. *Looks again* Okay, so maybe it is. Just, please, everyone: don’t send these Nic Cage pics in along with your resume. Please.


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