What’s Underneath Daniel Radcliffe’s Invisibility Cloak?


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Confession: We’ve been way too distracted obsessing over Emma Watson‘s pixie cut and haute couture looks to notice that her “Harry Potter” co-star Daniel Radcliffe is quite style-savvy himself.

While we certainly tip our hats to Hollywood‘s most stylish men, Radcliffe’s array of pinstripe suits, patterned silk ties and sharp footwear deserves the spotlight. Since the release of the first “Harry Potterfilm in 2001, the hot young actor‘s wardrobe was filled with British flair. But in recent years, Daniel has swapped his tousled, boyish locks and oversized T-shirts for a slicked back hairstyle and tailored blazers.

To celebrate Daniel Radcliffe‘s 23rd birthday on Monday (July 23rd), we’re taking a look at his style transformation over the years. Aren’t you glad the invisibility cloak was just a prop?


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