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Fifty Shades of Grey Takes Over 2012


Two thousand and twelve has been the year of the Grey. Fifty Shades of Grey took the world by storm merely weeks after it was released. And even now, as the initial waves of excitement have died down, there’s still a pulse radiating through those who read it. Readers who are craving more and need more, more than ever before.

References and reminders of the 0 trilogy are everywhere we turn. Every fall trend report had buyers looking for grey colored items, usually headlined in the obvious title of “Fifty Shades of Grey…that you should buy.” Stuart Weitzman even designed a beautiful pair of boots that were inspired by the books. And thanks to the books copious music mentions, EMI Music was able to produce a soundtrack to the book.

Fifty Shades helped empower women, allowed them own their sexuality and openly talk about it. It helped people think outside of the box and explore topics and sexual ideas that they may have never thought of before. In fact, the book has made sex stores like Adam & Eve see a massive increase in toys, specifically bondage-centric ones. Nationwide, Ben Wa Ball, vaginal balls not known by most women prior to the book, have seen a 400% increase in sales. I guess there’s a lot of women out there working on their kegels! A lot of hardware stores reported a %10 increase in rope sales this year. Is Fifty Shades to blame? We can only guess.

Now as for talks of the movie, well I believe that it is still in the planning period. But this past summer, the biggest question on everyone’s mind was who will play Christian Grey? R-Patz of the Twilight phenom was dropped, Ryan Gosling (my personal pick) was mentioned and now there’s nods to Ian Somerhalder. One things for sure, auditioning and rehearsal is going to be interesting for the leading man and lady. I guess we’re just gonna have to wait a few years to really see for ourselves.

I think when people look back at 012, it won’t be remembered for its presidential election, for its Olympics, or even the year that we were all supposed to die (according to the Mayans), but didn’t. No, we’ll look back and be like, this was the year that women really discovered the power of their vag and sexuality and started screwing their husbands more. Whether you liked the book or not, you have to admit it’s done a world of good to our sexual mindset.

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