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Towson University Student Protests For White Student Union



You’ve probably heard about people who erroneously believe that a white student union would be the fair counterpart to a black student union.  At Towson University, the white students feel that creating a union for themselves is needed to challenge an ”inherent anti-white bias in academia and mainstream society.”

Matthew Heimbach,  a senior on the campus, says that he has a right to form the group.  He is described as a “white nationalist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and defines any crime of a black person against a white one as a hate crime.  Heimbach argues that all of the crimes of blacks against whites far outnumber those committed by whites against minority groups.

A panel from the Southern Poverty Law Center spoke with Heimbach to determine where he was coming from.

According to Heimbach, “every single other ethnic group has an advocacy group for themselves. We have a black student union, a Hispanic student union, an Asian student union. We have groups for every other group of people except for white students. So if white students are allowed to come together and advocate for our own best interests simply would bring us into the realm that every single other group is allowed.”

What do you think?  Does he have a point?

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