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YUP!!! Trey Songz Caught Kissing Another Man?


Has Trey Songz been caught kissing another man?

A photo of a man that resembles the R&B superstar man smooching another fellow has the Internet in a tizzy. Blogs have been trying to confirm rumors of Trey Songz alleged sexuality for a while now but this could be the smoking gun, if this is in fact Trey Songz and not a look-a-like.

Rapper Lloyd Banks had a similar situation with a look-a-like performing in gay porn video and people thinking it was really the G-Unit emcee.

If this really is Trey, than maybe he’s just greeting a guy that he thinks as his father “mafia” style like Lil Wayne and Baby likes to do.

No statement from Trey’s camp have emerged denying the photo as of yet but check out the photo below and judge for yourself.



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