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When Will They Learn!?! Theives Caught On Camera Stealing ATM [VIDEO]


Like a scene out the film “Barbershop,” two unidentified men walked into an east side Detroit eatery and attempted to get away with the establishment’s ATM machine. But what the bumbling crooks didn’t know, however, was that cameras were rolling and their desperate antics were caught on tape, Fox 2 News in Detroit reports.

The near-robbery took place at the Hollywood Coney Island restaurant around 4 a.m. on Christmas Day. Two masked men are seen approaching the ATM machine, then suddenly trying to remove it by violently rocking it back and forth. One of the men is viewed wildly pushing a set of trash bins away in an effort to get better access to the cash dispenser.

As the two men struggle to remove the machine from its secured post, their antics become more out-of- control until finally the machine is dislodged. The men then notice that the machine has several cords that are plugged into a wall socket and they rip those out, too.

Once the pair is able to get the busted machine out the door, they notice that their efforts were all in vain. According to a restaurant employee, the ATM did not contain any money. Tyeisha Bell told Fox 2 News, “There was no money in there. That’s what I heard.” The young woman then went on to say, “That was petty to come in here and steal the ATM machine. How about get a job?”

Although Detroit police are still searching for the suspects, they appear to also have their hands full with another similar caper that occurred just two days later at a BP gas station. Three masked men entered the gas station convenience store with a sledge-hammer and tried to crack open the steel dispenser. The men tirelessly hammered away for a solid seven minutes, only put a few dings on the machine.

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The trio made a run for it when the employee they held at gunpoint managed to notify 911.

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