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Edidion hailing from Los Angeles, California is an unsigned phenomenal R&B artist with a passion for music.

Music has been a major force in his life since he was a baby. With an over abundance of talent, he works for himself, makes his own music, arranges his own features, and maintains his own sanity.

Edidion wants to carve out his own lane in the music industry as well as the unsigned arena. Edidion writes songs that everybody can relate to, he also leaves an inspiring message in one ore more of his songs.Edidion wants to take music back to the basics, he has achieved that by writing and producing his first ever solo songWurk Dat” the song so far has hit #1 on over 10 indie/unsigned websites. The unexpected success of that song showed Edidion that the world wants to hear more of his vision and sound. Edidion so far has been nominated for an “Artists In Music” award, Made the front cover of Hip Hop Stardom 101 magazine’s Class Of 2012 issue, dubbed “Next To Blow” by Music Connectz Magazine as-well as a feature interview with Skope Magazine.

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