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Tami Roman Wants You To Lose Weight

2013 is already shaping up to be a “New Year and New You” for Tami Roman and we are just one day in!


Besides starring in a new original comedy series, “Belle’s“, premiering on January 21st and playing the character Loreta Cooper, Tami Roman is also starring in the newest NV Clinical Commercial.  As their spokesperson, the 42-year-old busy mom, who recently quit smoking, didn¹t exercise regularly and her metabolism slowed down drastically.  Tami realized that she needed a healthy boost in weight loss and not a quick fix.

Tami Roman has slimmed down and stating the facts of how millions can lose weight fast in the new NV Clinical Commercial released on New Years Eve.  The actress and reality star shows off her weight loss and convinces a patron that NV Clinical is the right choice if you want to see results in two weeks.

Set in the middle of a pharmacy, NV Clinical¹s exclusive formula has key ingredients backed by 2 human clinical trials (studies) that show people lose 5 lbs. over the first two weeks and continue to lose 1-2 lbs. per week after that.  No other brand can make that claim.  This exact formula is what attracted Tami Roman to use this product.  As a 42-year-old busy mom, who didn¹t exercise regularly and whose metabolism slowed down drastically, Tami needed a boost in weight loss.

“I¹ve tried to lose weight so many times, but I always gave up easily because the first two weeks are the hardest,² says Tami Roman. ³Everyone knows that I love food and can identify with my struggles. Once I tried NV Clinical and saw fast results the first week, it motivated me to keep pushing!”

Tami is now down over 35lbs and will continue on her weight loss journey!

Check out Tami’s commercial below:




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