Gun Advocates Carry AR-15s To “Educate” Public


There seems to be an unlimited supply of crazy gun stories lately, so here’s another one: two men were strolling around Portland on Wednesday carrying AR-15 rifles, the same kind used in the Newtown shooting, to “educate” the public on supposed second amendment rights.

Warren Drouin touting his rifle in public is reportedly a common sight in his hometown of Medford, OR, though that hasn’t stopped the steady flow of 911 calls he causes. Drouin and friend Stephen Boyce of Gresham, OR decided to take their show on the road, to Portland.

That’s right– Portland. The city that inspired Portlandia.


As you can imagine, several residents of the generally liberal metropolis- which saw a public shooting in nearby Clackamas Town Center, just days before Newtown- called 911 on the men.

But both men hold permits to carry concealed handguns, which somehow gives them permission to carry loaded rifles in public.

Drouin is catching flack mainly for creating a public safety hazard by eliciting so many 911 calls, forcing police to investigate and diverting resources. I suppose he would like the US to be a place where people are accustomed to heavily armed civilians roaming the streets- like Somalia or Yemen.

Add that to the pile of: the Tactical CEO making death threats if gun control is enacted, Ohio school district voting unanimously to allow janitors to carry guns, and the YouTube gun celebrity who was found shot dead, surrounded by his own weapons.

[via Gawker]


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