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Hilarious Memorable Quotes from “21 and Over”

Relativity Media’s outrageous comedy 21 and Over hit theaters on March 1st and scored #3 at the box office opening weekend!

Relativity Media‘s outrageous comedy 21 and Over hit theaters on March 1st and scored #3 at the box office opening weekend! As the newest project by the writers of The Hangover Jon Lucas and Scott Moore21 and Over takes you on an outrageous journey as the lead of the film Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) celebrates his 21st birthday with his best friends the night before his medical school interview. Here are some hilarious and memorable quotes from the film from one of the leading characters, Miles Teller.
Miller’s Most Memorable 21 & Over Quotes:
  1. “Look Jeff Chang this is your 21st birthday…in the United States of America, Budweiser and bald eagles you go out and drink.”
  2. “If you were in Africa you would have to leave the village and not come back until you kill the bear.”
  3. “Ok look, I go back to the window to check out for our safety and I come back and everything’s bananas in pajamas.”
  4. “I can tell you don’t like me but if you have a sister who looks like you…”
  5. “Oh my God…did we just kill Jeff Chang?”
  6. “Nice tie, you look like Jason Gordon Levitt.”
  7. “Okay bros when we beat you, you can’t rape us ok?–no rapey”
  8. “You wanna make out with me… no? Kenny you can come too. You look like a watcher.”
  9. “Coming from a man with a diaper eating a banana.”
  10. “Your nipples are just looking right at me.”




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