EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Lewis Talks New Album!

Hailing from Toronto by way of Philadelphia, R&B singer  Glenn Lewis has reached his moment of truth. Growing up outside of the U.S., Lewis was exposed to a wide range of American R&B culture. Finding a deep appreciation for Soul and R&B music through artists like Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, and Donnie Hathaway, he learned early on to identify with true artistry and the beauty of a well-crafted composition.

Lewis quickly earned praise, as his first and second singles were nominated for a Juno award (Canada’s equivalent to an American Music Award). In 2002, Lewis released his critically acclaimed debut album World Outside My Window,¬†which garnered him praise for his vocal ability. The lead single “Don’t You Forget It” reached number 4 on the Billboard charts, won a Juno award for “Best R&B Soul Performance” and lead to a national tour alongside Alicia Keys.

After a few independent releases and a Grammy nomination for his work with composer Stanley Clarke and Amel Larrieux, Glenn Lewis returns with “Can’t Say Love.” Lewis’ sophomore major-label LP is slated for release August 20, 2013 through a joint venture between the legendary RuffHouse records and EMI.

In our exclusive interview with Glenn, the crooner talks about his latest music and his thoughts on the current trends in R&B. Check out the interview in the player above.

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