Debbie Reynolds Says She's the Original Jennifer Aniston!

You know Debbie Reynolds. She’s the one Lindsay Lohan didn’t play in Liz & Dick. (Small favors, Debs!!!)

Debbie was America’s Jen Aniston-level sweetheart in the 1950s, but, sadly, her husband, ladies’ man singer Eddie Fisher, who died in 2010, didn’t feel the same, leaving Debbie for the late femme fatale Elizabeth Taylor — the Angelina Jolie before Angelina Jolie.

While promoting her current film, HBO’s Behind the Candelabra, Debbie explained:

“I stood no chance against her. I was just like Jennifer Aniston with Brad Pitt when he fell in love with Angelina Jolie.

If Angelina wants someone, then that is that. Certain women have that power. What chance did I have against Elizabeth, a woman of great womanly experience, when I had no experience at all?”

Debbie also revealed that though her accomplishments are many — a decades-long movie career, giving birth to Princess Leia — she regrets not having had a more exciting sex life. She says:

“I wish I had enjoyed more sex. I have only ever slept with my three husbands and one friend — and he was my one and only good lover.”

Sex or no sex, whatever you’re doing, Debbie, keep it up! Angie and Jen would be lucky to look this AH-MAZING at 81 years old!!!

[Images via Mavrix Online and Daniel Tanner/WENN.]

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Source: Perez Hilton


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