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Brooklyn Prosecutor Fired for Calling Fellow Attorney “the Head N*gger”


A leading prosecutor at the Brooklyn District’s Attorney’s office has been fired for a series of embarrassing racial slurs that could seriously impair her career.  Deanna Rodriguez is accused of calling a top prosecutor “the head n*gger,” and also referring to her co-workers as “d*ykes” and “f*ggots.”

The woman has been suspended without pay for the incident and is also accused of sending an email to another colleague voicing serious physical threats.   Rodriguez was getting paid $160,000 per year to head the gang unit, but was fired shortly afterward.

“After complete review of her conduct, she was terminated effective immediately,” Jerry Schmetterer, spokesman for the district attorney’s office, told the New York Post.

Rodriguez has run the department since 1996, which makes this decision such a shock.   But she was known for being wild and edgy, and this attitude apparently caught up with her.  Several employees have complained her Rodriguez and her behavior, and one complaint was sent to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

“When this issue first arose, Deanna Rodriguez was immediately suspended for 90 days without pay,” Schmetterer told the Daily News.

During the investigation, it was determined that Rodriguez referred to fellow attorney Lance Ogiste, as “the head n*gger.”  The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office manages 1,500 cases per week.

“This is about vilifying me,” she said. “It’s not the right story. I’m not prepared to talk.”

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Source: Your Black World


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