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Celebrity Seeds: Kim And Kanye’s Swirly Bundle Of Joy’s Name Revealed

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Another couple gives their child a hollyweird name.

Kanye And Kim’s Baby Name Revealed

They have officially doomed this child for a life of bullying. Your momma has a sextape of her getting peened down by that loser Ray J. He made a song that will be around forever…oh and by the way you have a crazy, ghetto name. Oh yea…highschool should be a breeze.

According to TMZ

What do Kim Kardashian’s new baby and the Space Needle have in common?

They’re both NORTH WEST … TMZ has learned.

Seriously, that’s the kid’s name … at least according to the birth certificate from Cedars-Sinai hospital.

There were rumors floating around a few months ago that Kim and Kanye West might give the baby a directional name … but who thought they would actually go through with it?

And when you look at the options — West West is redundant … South West is an airline … and East West leads to nowhere.

So, by default … North West it is!

Congratulations little girl.

We’re not hating. They’re rich and can do what they want. Those millions can by North a therapist to cope with the phuckery she will have to deal with.


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Source: Bossip


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