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Happy 4th! Check Out 25 Lyrics About Independence

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  • webbie In honor of July 4th, aka Independence Day for our nation, the XXL staff pulled together 25 of our favorite rapper’s lyrics about independence. Some of them are talking about not being held down by a major label, some are talking about the independent ladies of the world and some are just celebrating their own wealth. Either way, all of these lyrics are a reminder to us to be INDEPENDENT this July 4th.
  • webbie_lead Lil Webbie – “Independent” “I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t. Do you know what that mean? / She got her own house, she got her own car /Two jobs, work hard, you a bad broad.”
  • Ne-Yo featured Ne-Yo – “Miss Independent” “She got her own thing / That’s why I love her / Miss Independent / Won’t you come and spend a little time?”
  • Eminem-Royce Roce Da 5’9″ – “Independence Day” Round here… Round here they call me independie / ‘Cause of how independent my pen be / Movin’ on that paper, movin’ on that paper.”
  • raekwon_black_white Raekwon – “We Go Wherever We Want” “Everybody love me / His texture’s automatic money / Independent drug game, dummy.”
  • crooked_I_new Crooked I – “Independent” “We independent, homie / We independent, boy / We indecendent, shawty / We independent, boy / We independent, baby. Them independent boys.”
  • Jae Millz Jae Millz – “BedRock” “She ain’t got a man, but she’s not alone / Miss Independent, yeah, she got her own / Hey gorgeous, um, I mean flawless / Well, that’s what you are, how I see it is how I call it.”
  • kanye_west_10 Kanye West – “I Wonder” “What you about? On that independent shit / Trade it all for a husband and some kids / You ever wonder what it all really mean? / You wonder if you’ll ever find your dreams?”
  • mgk-prayer MGK – “Wild Boy” “I’m in Mexico getting marijuana from Miguel / Bring it back to the states, put it on a scale / Measure it at half a eight, put ’em in the shell / Split it then I roll it then light it up like it’s Independence Day / I got a bottle rocket, I put it in the air.”
  • Hoodie Allen_Featured Image_Feature Hoodie Allen – “No Interruption” “They told me make my money frontin’ on that weed style / Tell ’em I be too old for it / And I gave my brother my ID / She independent, bet these bitches never find me.”
  • nicki_minaj_lead Nicki Minaj – “I’m Legit” “Lookin’ at me like it’s my fault / Tryna take sneak pictures with they iPhone / I like independent bitches like July 4th / Now that’s what young Harriet died for.”
  • T.I. Justin Timberlake Remix T.I. – “Fancy” “Now here you are with your girls having a drink at the bar / I say I’m buying, you decline. Now that’s kinda bizarre / Independent with the demeanor of an R&B singer / Naked ring finger, M3 Beamer.”
  • J. Cole Featured J. Cole – “All I Want” “I hit the club when you left me thinking that could heal / Tryin’ to celebrate my Independence Day, Will Smith.”
  • Jarren Benton2 Jarren Benton – “Funk Volume 2013” “Shining just like jewelry / Yeah, fuck you haters who ain’t with it / And you labels, that’s it, homie / We did it independent, bitch.”
  • mac_miller_fashion Mac Miller – “Smile Back” “Tell them haters – call your army, bring your tanks / I’m a big boy with a big bank / Self-employed, independent, once you start don’t take no breaks / Work until I get it, I bet it’s gonna take a second.”
  • jeremih_wayne_2 Jeremih – “Down On Me” “Say you independent, get it from your momma / Tell me if you with it, if you really wanna / Baby when you see me, you know I be on it / Can you keep it up, and put it down on me?”
  • wale_lead_gifted Wale – “Represent” “You’ve been rooting for a nigga for a minute / But I do this here exclusively, I lose you in a second / And your views are independent, but your friends gossip / See, even if I kept my nose clean, they’d still claim it snot up.”
  • ab-soul-xxl-freestyle Ab-Soul – “Showin’ Love” “HiiiPower, pissing on the Declaration / Of Independence, and you can bet my John Hancock the biggest.”
  • Tech N9ne* Tech N9ne – “See Me” “I’m easily beast and my hand is in my belt / What? I’m independent and …read more
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