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Vixen Inspiration: Respond to Troubles With Positivity

Black Woman with friend

Situations and circumstances beyond our control happen all the time, but what IS in our control is our response. Too often we (myself included) react to situations and find ourselves deeper in the abysmal dreary of negativity. Remember responding is rooted in being positive, while reacting is rooted in negativity.

Here are a few tips on how to positively respond to situations:

1. Take a deep breath. This minimizes our impulsive nature to react.

2. Give yourself time to fully process your thoughts and emotions. Emotions aren’t necessary evidence of the truth, so it’s important to let them run through their course.

3. Pray. Prayer is a powerful tool for all circumstances.

4. Do your best to be rooted in gratitude—it will permeate to every area of your life, even those areas that are not so pleasant.

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