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Little Boy’s Swimming Ability Saves His Father During Accident


A boy in Massachusetts found that being able to swim was one of the most important skills of his young life.  As a result, the child has a father that he wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Joshua Garcia is being hailed as a hero after he and his father experienced a horrible car accident that left the car in the water.   The car being driven by his father, Eugene Garcia, flipped over during the accident while hitting a guard rail, landing in the middle of the Nashua River.  The accident took place at 3 in the morning on Thursday.

After the accident was over, Joshua swam to shore and walked a mile to call 911 to save his dad.

“He is a hero,” Fitchburg Police Department Officer Paul McNamara told ABC.

When paramedics arrived, the young man and his father were taken to the hospital and then released.  His father may be charged for driving while impaired, but not by alcohol, it was allegedly from fatigue and Red Bull energy drinks.  He often drove while sleepy and would drink Red Bull to keep himself awake.

“He usually drinks a lot of Red Bull,” said Rigoberto Guardado, an in-law. “Sometimes he don’t even sleep.”

Police are still investigating.

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