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Rachel Jeantel Interviewed by CNN’s Piers Morgan (Watch)

rachel jeantel (screenshot)

*Monday night Rachel Jeantel was interviewed by CNN’s Piers Morgan on “Piers Morgan Live.”

Jeantel, a Florida teen who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin just before he died, and the prosecution’s star witness, came under criticism and judgment because of her demeanor and diction among other things.

Asked about what Trayvon Martin was like as a friend, Jeantel said he was a “calm, chill, loving person” and said she never saw him get “aggressive” or “lose his temper.” She said that the defense’s attempts to portray Martin as a “thug” were unfounded and defended his relatively mild drug use. “Weed don’t make him go crazy,” she said, “it just makes him go hungry.”

Jeantel also responded to the massive dissing she’s received in social media for the way she speaks. She explained that she was born with an under-bite that has made it difficult for her to speak clearly.

When Morgan asked if she’d been bullied for her condition, she simply responded, “Look at me,” to laughter from the studio audience.

Check out the interview in 2 parts below:

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Source: Eur Web

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