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Alesha Dixon: “I’m not precious about being seen without makeup”

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Fresh-faced Alesha Dixon, 34, always looks flawless. She always has glowing skin (maybe because she’s a mum-to-be) but she is also the  the face of Avon at the moment, so she has a wealth of knowledge and cosmetics at her fingertips. We wanted to know how she achieves her picture-perfect look so we grabbed her at the re-launch of Avon’s Make-up collection, for a quick chat about everything beauty.

1. Which beauty items do you carry in your handbag at all times?

Avon Flawless in Caramel, it gives me immaculate coverage that makes my skin still feel so fresh. It is also very light so can be worn throughout the day!  I also love my Viktor and Rolf Flower bomb. It carries me from day to night and smells amazing too!

It’s always good to have mascara if you need a top up during the day so I also have Mac Zoom Lash mascara. I love my lashes looking full and lengthy and this mascara does just that. It works well on top of eyeliner or for a natural look. Saying that, my handbag is changing, I have been testing Avon’s Make-Up Collection – the colours in the Ultra Colour Lip Crayon collection are amazing!

2. What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without? 

Coconut oil and Moroccan oil hair treatments – they work a treat when the sun is out and keep your hair looking hydrated and shiny. It’s something I swear by!

3. How do you keep your make-up in place under TV lights?

I am lucky enough to work with some amazing make-up artists, they know all the tricks to keep my face looking fresh during long filming hours. It’s important not to cake on foundation and concealers because the lights are so bright your face looks like plastic so I always opt for minimal layers!

4. How important is looking good to you? 

It’s not at the top of my list and It really depends on what I am doing, I definitely think it’s nice to look good when you are out and about. I always say this and its cliché but you can only look good if you feel good about yourself – beauty comes from within!

5. Who was the last person to see you without make-up?

I’m not precious about being seen without makeup on! So everyone that I work with or I am friends with sees me without any. It’s not a big deal to me!

6. Define beauty for us..

Beauty is a state of mind, not a defined look for me –it’s really about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. A slick of eyeshadow and a fabulous outfit should only be a bonus!

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