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Kristen Johnston: Not Shocked By Cory Monteith’s Untimely Death

Uhh girlfriend, we’re going to have to respectfully disagree with you on this one.

We NEVER expected our precious Glee hunk to die well before his prime!

But Kristen Johnston from 3rd Rock From The Sun doesn’t feel the same way about Cory Monteith’s tragic passing, and recently revealed her thoughts on the matter.

The actress spilled:

“Whatever happened, I’m sure it was somehow involved with his addiction. It’s just terribly, terribly sad. However, it’s completely not shocking to me.”

Many were well aware that Cory was fighting some drug-related demons before his death, but he was just out of a seemingly successful rehab stint and his future looked long and bright.

Kristen claims even if that’s true, there are residual effects from drug use that can, and most likely did, come back and cause harm.

And now that the autopsy results are officially out, we are sad to admit that Johnston was 100% correct. It sounds like Cory had a brief relapse of heroine and alcohol abuse that led to this devastating tragedy.

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