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5 Ways the Vikings Can Replace Antoine Winfield

It’s no secret that the departure of legendary Minnesota Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield will have an immediate impact on this franchise.

From his sublime ability to defend the run to his consistent coverage skills, since flying away on a jet plane and signing with the team in 2004, Winfield became a cornerstone of the Vikings defense.

In order to properly come up with five ways that the Vikings can replace Winfield this season, you have to factor in all of the various ways he impacted the team.

Whether we’re talking about his ability to cover wide receivers, his unmatched skills stopping the run or his leadership traits in the locker room, even at 36 years old, replacing Winfield won’t be an easy task.

But to quote former President Lyndon Johnson, “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

Meaning as much as we appreciate and respect one of the greatest defensive players to ever throw on a Vikings uniform, it’s now time to move forward without Winfield and make sure the defense doesn’t skip a beat.

With all of that being said, start the slideshow below and check out five ways the Vikings can replace Antoine Winfield this season.

*All stats provided by Pro-Football Reference unless noted otherwise.

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Source: Bleacher Report

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