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(BlackMediaScoop) Everything is going down but the word of God!

According to ObnoxiousTV, high profile pastor Paul Morton has a secret love child!

His alleged daughter, Ane’tra (seen below) is close to 40 years-old and has never had a relationship with her biological father. After many years of attempting to reach out to him, she finally decided to reveal the truth.

On top of that, the ObnoxiousTV report paints Morton as a hypocrite…

“Has the very outspoken Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton about so many other Men of God that have been caught in sin like Bishop Tick Daddy Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Long or the one bishop that stopped payment on a check to him for having preached at his church. Paul called his name publicly one year during his message at a Full Gospel Conference, but he has remained quiet and kept his daughter a secret for close to forty years. Perhaps Paul Sylvester Morton should step down now! Since he has quickly been critical of others, but not of himself or the number of sleaze bags that members of his wanna be COGIC Organization.

Morton started Full Gospel after the late Bishop Ford, Presiding Bishop denied Paul Morton’s request to come back to the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) as a Jurisdictional Bishop. Just as Paul shared his having a complete and total nervous breakdown and being a cancer survivor he should become the greatest exemplar of the Gospel he has preached all these years and welcome his oldest child to his family.

According to Ane’tra, her father Paul Morton, would not even respond to her attempts to reach out to him while her mother was dying of cancer. Since the passing of her mother, Ane’tra vowed to come forward and go public if Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton continued to deny he is her father!”

Obnoxious posted this letter from Ane’tra with more details of the drama…

“Well to begin, at birth I was named Paulana Sylveste’ and was that from what I was told for about 3 months and my mom changed it to Ane’tra LaShawn Hawkins. I was born on July 15, 1974, which makes me soon to be 39. My mother was Elaine Hawkins from New Orleans, La. which is where I am from. They met by him coming here from Canada and him preaching somewhere she was, so she invited him to preach at her church, Allen St. COGIC and from there a relationship begin. My mom got pregnant and didn’t know it but he was the one that told her she was and when she found out she was already 3 months along. Everything was fine. When I was born he was there for the first 3 years of my life. By then I don’t know what cause them to break up but I was told it had something to do with my mom biting her nails lol.

So he moved on to Debra but he still loved my mom because at their wedding (Dad & Debra) He didn’t want to marry her and he told my mom that but she told him too late and he introduced me to Debra as his daughter. He wanted to become the pastor of GSSBC so that’s why the marriage happened. Once he became pastor, he went and told my mom that I couldn’t be his daughter because he found out he was Sterile!!! That denial continues on today. When Jasmine Morton was born it was said that Debra told my dad that she wasn’t his daughter so then he wanted to pursue his relationship as daddy to me because he was sure of me and so that lasted a little while and he left again and that was that My mom left the situation alone and so people kept pressuring her to pursue child support and when she finally did I as 14 or 15. My dad didn’t want it to go public because he was already up there so he talked mom into going through a judge. The judge asked him if I was his daughter and if I was would he sign an affidavit of paternity acknowledging this and he did. The affidavit included the order of support to begin August 15, 1989 in the amount of $400.00 and he would increase it by 10% every year on my birthday.

Ane’tra's affidavit

I received the last check on my 18th birthday. During this time there was still no relationship between me and my dad. My mom warned him that once I make 18 I would come after him for answers and that there was nothing she could do to stop me so be ready. He told her to tell me that he wasn’t my father to prevent that from happening and she said no indeed she is not and will not lie to me about him being my father. Over the past years I’ve tried to make contact with him but I can’t.

Paul Morton

Paul Morton

When my mom got sick I tried again and this time I asked for help in trying to get him to come and see and pray for my mom and they told me they told him but nothing still happened. I guess he figured that if he showed up or call that that would be a sure stamp of admitting that I was his daughter so he didn’t bother. Here I am now married 2 ½ years with 3 kids Arrica,18 Jared ,15 & Jace, 12 his twin. Arrica carries his last name now because what happened is back then by that being signed it was legal proof so for my 18th birthday my mom gave the gift of having my last name changed to Morton and along with that came a new birth certificate with his name on it. I mailed him …read more

Source: Black Media Scoop

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