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When the weather is as beautiful as it has been, I find myself spending rather a lot of time dreaming that I’m actually lying on a beach, not sitting on a stuffy train on the way to work. So this week’s picks are both pure escapism – one’s the perfect sunlounger read, while the other is total teen indulgence! And don’t forget you can win copies of both!

This week I’ve been reading:

Deep Blue Sea by Tasmina Perry (£12.99, Headline)

Although Diana and Julian Denver have had problems in their marriage in the past, Diana believes all is rosy in their world. Until Julian is found dead at their London home. Convinced things aren’t entirely as they seem, Diana has to get in touch with her estranged sister, Rachel, who runs a diving school in Thailand with the handsome Liam, but used to be one of Fleet Street’s hottest journalists until she fell from grace. If anyone can sniff out the story around Julian’s death, it’s Rachel, and Diana knows that depite the family feud, she has nowhere else to turn. And so Rachel arrives in London and starts to investigate the Denvers’ luxury lifestyle, the family business and whether Julian’s death was more suspicious than they all realised. What she uncovers are stories of cheating lovers, jealous relatives and a scandal that threatens to bring down the family’s multi-billion-pound business…

The verdict:

The queen of the blockbuster is back! I enjoyed Tasmina Perry’s last book – see my review here – so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her latest one. And I wasn’t disappointed – in fact, I liked this one even more! I read Deep Blue Sea in one delicious afternoon lying in the sunshine in my garden (not quite the beach, but I don’t live anywhere near the coast!). It takes you everywhere from leafy London suburbs to Thailand, New York and Jamaica, and it’s full of dramatic twists and turns as Rachel (and you) try to work out all the details surrounding Julian’s death.

What sets Tasmina Perry apart from other writers of this genre is her story-telling. She writes in a very easy-to-read style that manages to draw you in immediately. There’s enough description in her writing to build a satisfying picture in your head, but not too much that you get bored and start to lose interest in the story – and that’s a difficult balance to get right. What emerges is a glamourous, sparkling blockbuster guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit whether you’re in the Seychelles or, er, Skegness. We love!

You could win one of  10 copies of Deep Blue Sea by Tasmina Perry. Simply enter before 23:59 on August 3 2013.

Dead Girls

I’ve also been reading:

The Dead Girls Detective Agency by Suzy Cox (£6.99, Much-In-Little)

If you know any teenage girls, you’ll also know they can be, like, SO bitchy and shallow and worried and boy-obsessed and.. well you get the picture. Plus we all love a ghost story (remember all those Point Horror books?!) and author Suzy Cox has cleverly combined the two and come up with The Dead Girls Detective Agency.

When Charlotte finds herself at the Hotel Attesa and is told that she is in fact dead, it takes her a while to understand what’s happened. Apparently, someone has pushed her under a subway train and she wakes up at the HQ of The Dead Girls Detective Agency, a kind of limbo house, so she can solve her murder, find her ‘Key’ and then go through the Red Door (although no one knows what awaits on the other side). Yep, she is officially a ghost. Her afterlife companions, Nancy, Lorna, Tess and the strangely hot ghost-boy Edison, are all dead too and try to help her solve her murder. But who pushed Charlotte under the train. Surely it can’t be her super-cute boyfriend David, who two days after she dies starts locking lips with the oh-so annoying cheerleading girls? Or could it be her BFF Ali, who’s been feeling left out ever since Charlotte got with David? Or one of the hundreds of other kids at her school? There’s only one way to find out – a spot of dead girl detecting!

Yes, this is a book primarily written for teens, but big-kid fans of Gossip Girl and the like will love it too because it’s full of smart, funny one-liners and observations that had me giggling like a teenager. The perfect book to take on a family hol, and then lend to your teenage daughter when she says she’s bored as she can’t get a signal to BBM her bezzies!

You could win one of  10 copies of The Dead Girls Detective Agency by Suzy Cox. Simply enter before 23:59 on August 3 2013.


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