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EXCLUSIVE: Antonique Smith Talks Pausing Acting Career to Pursue Music

Our correspondent Jamiah caught up with Antonique Smith at the Natural 7 Concert last night in Los Angeles

Antonique Smith

Our correspondent Jamiah caught up with Antonique Smith at the Naturally 7 Concert last night in Los Angeles where the Notorious co-star talks about putting her acting career on hold to pursue music, and judging from her latest sign Hold Up Wait a Minute. Baby girl has chops, Faith Evans needs to watch out literally. Check out the interview on the player above.



Antonique is most famous for her starring role of Faith Evans in “Notorious” where she received rave reviews.

She first garnered attention in her buzz-worthy leading role in “Rent” on Broadway as Mimi Marquez. Antonique became the international poster girl for the show.

Antonique played CIA agent Sandra Burns in Abduction opposite Taylor Lautner and Alfred Molina and will be in theaters in late 2012 in Yelling To The Sky“, playing the starring role of Ola O’Hara, opposite Zoe Kravitz and Gabourey Sidibe.

Antonique had a featured role in the Golden Globe nominated “Across The Universe” and has also guest starred on numerous hit TV shows including Law & Order and HBO’s Bored To Death and the Sidney Lumet directed “100 Centre Street“.

Sidney Lumet gave Antonique her first job. She played a teen drug addict. Rapper Nas made mention of Antonique on his single “Nasty” that appears on his 2012, Billboard #1 album “Life Is Good”.

Antonique recently starred in Rick Ross‘ video “Amsterdam” which got over 8 million views in its first two days of release. “Amsterdam” is off Ross’ 2012, Billboard #1 album “God Forgives I Don’t”.

Antonique is following the career path of Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross and Whitney Houston; pursuing a career in film while also continuing to make her dream of a Grammy-winning recording career into the most amazing of realities.

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