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How Honest Are You With Your Doctor?

Visits to the doctor can be awkward. Depending on the type of doctor and purpose of your visit, the awkwardness can range from having to step on the scale to having to throw your feet into stirrups. As if these moments aren’t awkward enough doctors can ask questions that you just don’t feel comfortable answering with someone you might only see a few times a year. Sure they just want to know this info so that they can provide you with the best possible care, but do you really want to tell your doctor you engage in anal sex or have partaken in a little unprotected recreational knob slobbing (ala Trina Braxton) with random men? Many people hold on bits of info because they are embarrassed or don’t want to be judged. The feelings are completely understandable, but the omission could hurt you in the end. Having to grow through a few minutes of temporary awkwardness in order to avoid a lifetime of bad health is a small price to pay.

How much do you tell your doctor? Have you ever held back?

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