Murder Usually Isn’t A Good Start To A Marriage. But This One Was Meant To Be.

Ahh, there's nothing like a romantic weekend away with your sweetheart.

Every relationship is different. Some start because of a mutual connection or maybe because of a place of business. Most cute couples have an awesome story about they met, where they got engaged, or where they got married… well, this one will top it. Some successful marriages start with a European proposal and engagement photo shoot. Sometimes though, a relationship starts because of murder. (HUH?) Don’t worry, this isn’t nearly as gruesome as it sounds, but it’s still pretty awesome.

03 - H7KmlAK
The birds are chirping...
05 - VCISkIF
The sun is shining...
07 - nqildK7
08 - OAiHiz5
What could possibly go wrong?
10 - LBdygUv
Seems fine to me!
12 - NsUgFTd
13 - hfvyFJt
Wait a second...
15 - haFc5g2
17 - xmv4Lxd
18 - 4mpFq08
19 - z4QayKb
20 - dvZYr2f
21 - sIXhOJp
22 - tETAqfQ
23 - UiTIHiR
Well, then.
25 - 1s6g8iw
I guess Camp Crystal Lake wasn't such a good idea after all...

With a start like this, we know that these crazy kids are going to make it (and host fantastic Halloween parties every year).

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Source: Viral Nova

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