Hey, What’s All That Stuff In The Water. Let’s Look Closer…A Little Closer… WHAT?!

It looks like a bubblegum-pink oil spill.

If you had to think of three things that you know about flamingos, you’d probably list this: they are pink, they stand on one leg sometimes and you’re pretty sure someone in Alice in Wonderland used them as croquet mallets (and that’s totally not cool). But, what do flamingos have to do with these pictures, you ask?

Well, you’re about to find out.

Are those...?
It can't be.
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02 - 0yX4AwR
YEP. They are.
What you see is a colony of flamingos.
Granted, an overwhelmingly large colony.
And today I learned flamingos could probably take over the world.

What you might not know about flamingos is that sometimes they gather in colonies to sift for their favorite type of algae together in water. And sometimes there can be thousands or millions of these birds. Their sheer numbers will blow your mind.

Source: reddit.com

And that’s what 1.5 million flamingos standing around together looks like. Share this article and impress your friends with your knowledge of pink birds.

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