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EXCLUSIVE! Dion Price: “Music is My Savior”


In our interview with GrandSlamm recording artist Dion Price, the singer talks life experiences and how once being homeless influenced his passion for music.

Check the interview above. To stay in contact with Dion be sure to  visit the links below for the latest info.


Grand Slamm Records newly signed freshman vocalist, Dion Price infuses a combination of R&B & Pop to create a new fresh sound. Originally hailing from Chicago, Dion moved to Michigan in 2003 fully focused at a young age on making music a career & engraving a mark on Detroit’s historically rich music scene.

Dion headlined a sold out concert in 2010 for the “Swag On” Haiti Relief fundraiser at the Vision Tech Center. Completely determined, from that point forth Dion took his career into his own hands & has been entertaining audiences ever since. Dion Price is so much more than your average artist & probably one of the most humble men you will ever meet. He is extremely ambitious & immensely motivated by his love for life.


All of the trials & tribulations he has faced contribute to his powerful sound & inspiring lyrics. Dion uses his struggles, strengths, & victories in becoming the best at his craft, failing is not an option. He takes great pride in writing his own music & choreographing his dance moves. He is also no stranger to the camera & enjoys modeling. Dion Price is truly something special & captivates every audience with his voice from the moment he steps on stage. His performances keep the party moving from start to finish.

Twitter: @dionpriceis

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