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Pauly D Baby Mama Did Not Deny Visitation With Daughter On Christmas, Says Source


Late last week reports hit the web that Pauly D’s baby mama Amanda Markert wouldn’t let him see his daughter Amabella on Christmas. But now a source extremely close to the situation is telling RumorFix that’s a load of bull.

Articles were published claiming that the DJ had official arrangements to see his little girl for the second time ever over Christmas but Markert stood him up. “The two were set to meet up around Christmas, but Amanda stood him up. He had all of Amabella’s Christmas gifts, so he was really upset. Pauly has been trying to set up a second meeting, but Amanda and her attorney keep denying the visits. He didn’t want to get the courts involved, but she’s given him no choice.”


But our insider begs to differ, telling us exclusively, “Amanda has done everything possible to make the meetings happen between father-daughter, which have been hard because of Paul’s busy schedule. Communication is very difficult being that Paul changed his number during her pregnancy and will not contact her so they have to go through his many attorneys to communicate back and forth about meetings with Amabella. Being the lack of communication with Amanda the location of the meeting was not understood by Paul so he was not able to make it to see Amabella over the holidays.”

Our source continues to add that Amanda only wants what is best for their daughter, saying, “Amanda is fully supportive of a father-daughter relationship but does not support overnight visits quite yet and again, at this point that is for the courts to decide. Amanda fears an extended amount of time away from her mother will be harmful to her psychological health. Amabella shows signs of separation anxiety when Amanda is not in sight and Amanda just feels that it is to soon for Amabella to have overnights, which is what Paul is pushing for.”

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But things haven’t been smooth sailing for the mother-of-two, our insider adds, “The media is attacking Amanda in every way and all she wants is peace and a healthy relationship so that her daughter is raised with two parents communicating in a healthy respective manner that Amabella can learn from. Shame on the media for consistently providing the public with nothing but false information and fabricated stories to portray Amanda in a bad light and Paul in a good light.”

Source: Rumor Fix

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