At the beginning of November, before she decided to hibernate…

At the beginning of November, before she decided to hibernate and leave us in the lurch, Nicki Minaj previewed one of the looks she’d be wearing in a commercial for her Kmart collection on Instagram. Well, that commercial was finally released, and it doesn’t just feature Nicki in one outfit but multiple Nickis in multiple outfits! It’s like a remake of Multiplicity starring Nicki Minaj! If you thought Lady Gaga wore a lot of wigs, just wait till you see how many Nicki manages to include in a 30-second commercial.

The ad features six different Nickis, each with her own unique hairstyle and outfit, all of ‘em getting ready to go out. A curly-haired Nicki chills on the bed in a crop top and leggings, while a long-haired one applies lip gloss in the mirror, surrounded by three other Nickis. She doesn’t seemed to be freaked out about the clones, so neither are we. No matter what her hair looks like or what she does to get ready, every time Nicki wants to leave the house feeling her best, she wears a piece that she designed for Kmart.

Much like the commercial for her perfume Minajesty, this one encourages women to find confidence through a product that Nicki’s promoting. Nicki feels insecure too: Her song “Marilyn Monroe” provides the soundtrack for the spot and she literally says “I’m insecure” in the lyrics. But then she puts on a dress from her line and has the confidence to blow kisses on the red carpet. Look at her attitude Nicki in that studded hat! She didn’t chew her gum like that earlier in the bath! She was just coyly blowing bubbles.
Ultimately, she opts for a tight, black, cut-out dress. She wears it with sunglasses (at night…), and I’m willing to bet she also smells like Minajesty. Whatever works, y’all: Nicki manages to exude confidence.

Source: Honey Mag


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