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Katie Couric Gets Schooled By Laverne Cox & Carmen Carrera On What Not To Ask Transgendered Women

Katie Couric

Here’s a fyi, it’s quite rude to ask a transgender woman about their genitalia. Apparently no one told Katie Couric this, but model Carmen Carrera and actress Lavern Cox didn’t have any problems educating Couric.

Carrera and Cox were recent guests on Couric’s talk show and the conversation went from discussing their careers to Couric basically asking what’s under their dresses.

From Autostraddle:

Things started to seem a little odd when the viewers kept being reminded about Carrera’s transition by being shown pictures of her in bandages and mentions of her transition at every chance. Later when Couric introduced Carrera, she said that “she was born a man and that’s why she’s on our show,” making it very clear that she’s only interesting because of her transition…However, the real trouble started when Couric started to ask Ms. Carrera if transitioning was painful because of all the surgery that she had to go through. Carmen looked a little confused and responded by talking a little about her nose job and breast augmentation and that’s when Katie pounced. She immediately asked if Carmen’s “private parts” are “different now.”

Carmen Carrera responded perfectly. First she literally shushed Katie Couric, trying to get her to stop asking such a private thing. Then she told her “I don’t want to talk about it, it’s really personal” and she told Katie that there’s a lot more to get than her genitals. She said, “after the transition there’s still life to live, I still have my career goals, I still have my family goals.”

Couric then segued into Cox’s segment and discussed her role on “Orange Is The New Black”, but quickly tried to turn the conversation back to genitalia. But also the consummate professional, Cox handled the topic with ease. ”That preoccupation…objectifies trans people and then we don’t get to deal with the real lived experiences. The reality of trans people lives is that so often we’re targets of violence. We experience discrimination disproportionately to the rest of the community and our unemployment rate is twice the national average…When we focus on transition, we don’t get to talk about those things.”

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