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LIGHT (A Novel) by John Charles Reedburg

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LIGHT is a story about a lost soul that travels throughout time trying rid the world of darkness.

Writing this novel came through the advice I received from the late renown psychic Sylvia Browne, months before her passing. She said, she saw something special about this book and advised me to write the manuscript.  There is something very important people can learn from my book.

Based on a few near death experiences in my life, being in touch with the other side caused me to view life and death in a different way.  This book is based on my occurrences.

I want people to gain a better understanding of how life is empowered through the bright energy in someone’s spirit. This story personifies light, and depicts its experiences while living various lives as a reincarnated human soul; as it not only illustrates its shaded past, but also, the way it once lived in a world of darkness deep inside the universe.  Light had a life inside a sullen mass, long before the creation of time.

Characters and stories depicted in this book are all ones we can relate to, no matter your religion, race, sexual orientation, or creed.

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