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NEW MUSIC: Ursa Major “Genesis” Official Video (2015) [@UrsaMajor619]


Song: “Genesis
Artist: Ursa Major (@UrsaMajor619)
Director / Editor: John “DatzHott” Reedburg (@DatzHott)
Cinematography: Aaron Ryder & Saad Hameed
Camera: Crystal Kelley, Reggie Simon, & Ted Endres
Camera Assistants: Jonathan M. Harper, Stephen Rai, Jeremy Lopez, Cesar Casillas
Models Hair & Makeup: Eriq Moreno
Prod Co.: DatzHott Film (
Artist Management & Branding: DatzHott
Music Video Producer: John Reedburg
Song Producer: Freddy Garcia aka ThatKiddReezy (@TrapReezus)

Born under the legal name James Johnson, San Diego native Ursa Major gave up sports to pursue a career in music and drama after graduating high school in the Chicagoland area of Illinois, Ursa packed his bags and headed back to his home state to chase his dreams of stardom in Tinsel town.

In the face of Ursa’s earnest ambitions, the young man eventually hit hard times, finding himself homeless on the streets of Hollywood, armed with only a suitcase and a drive to push through the darkness of hard times; Ursa found light attending the Musicians Institute of Hollywood while majoring in voice performance.

Since then Ursa has become the president of Litup Entertainment for which he is also an artist on the independent music label. Ursa has appeared in films such as The Choir Director, The Preachers Son, and many short films to make a drive to be the complete entertainer, and open doors in the industry. Ursa has also been in many national sport ads taking his past in athletics and making appearances in many magazines, websites and commercial, Ranging from Nike, PowerAde, Adidas and many more.

The “Gifted” nicknamed by co musicians and colleagues has dropped 2 mix tapes and is currently working on his all original E.P. “Rated M For MAJOR” which is set to right before summer 2015. He has taken original beats from many producers that work closely and had blended the strong range of his vocals with a strong knowledge or rap music. To add to his talent, he also plays the piano, produces, and writes most all of his material and will be released as Ursa still continues to make his name “Major”.


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