Tyler Perry’s: Meet the Browns Actor — Maurice G. Smith — on His Successful Weight Loss

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Tyler Perry‘s: Meet the Browns actor Maurice G. Smith open up candidly about his success at recent weight loss, and ways that it has affected his career, thus far.

Maurice has been a constant presence in Hollywood, with a number of very important roles in movies that millions of people around the world enjoyed. Maurice G. Smith’s defining characteristic is his ability to balance comedy with his more serious side and bring a lot of depth to roles that other people would simply play without putting a lot of effort into the role as they would not find much to work with. Maurice G. Smith’s work ethic has allowed him to work alongside a number of important and famous actors, such as Adam Sandler in the film Mr. Deeds and Jim Carrey in the film Bruce Almighty.

It is his tremendous work ethic that has allowed him to amass such a high amount of respect in the industry. This work ethic comes from his very respectable background as far as education goes. Maurice G. Smith graduated with a B.A. in Theater Arts from Westchester University, and went on to do his postgraduate degree from the Mountview Theater Conservatoire in London, a prestigious institution that produces some of the finest actors that join the industry.

Maurice G. Smith started out with theater, taking part in productions such as “Cooley High – The Musical” directed by none other than Walter Dallas. He set himself apart from the rest of his actors with his tremendous stage presence and the versatility with which he tackled his role. He brought a human element to his character and his performance was greatly praised. Maurice G. Smith acted in a number of other theater productions as well before he broke into movies. One of these plays was “The Piano Lesson”, and it is a significant play in his career because it won him his first ever award, the “Best Actor” award in the Wilmington Drama League.

Maurice G. Smith has enjoyed a long theater career which has been peppered with roles in blockbuster movies, but recently he has broken into a new medium: television, with recurring roles in a number of different shows. Some of the shows that he currently has recurring roles on are “Viva Laughlin”, “In the Middle” and “Back to You” in which he costars with television juggernaut Kelsey Grammar. However, his most notable role is the character of Reggie in the TV show “Meet the Browns” in which he costars with Tyler Perry.

This role has gotten him a lot of praise for his lovable portrayal, and with all of these recurring television roles Maurice G. Smith has started to expand his fame and get the renown that he truly deserves. In this new medium he has started to create a name for himself, and has started to find his true calling as an actor. Perhaps TV was the medium that he had always been waiting for. The critics seem to think so, with him receiving a great deal of praise for each and every one of the recurring roles that he currently has!

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