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How to Transform Your Living Spaces with Little Effort


If you’ve recently moved into a new place, or if you’ve lived in the same old house for ten years and you fancy a change but have no clue about DIY yet you don’t want to hire a tradesman, then you’ve come to the right place. With a little money and an eye for what looks great, you can transform the living areas of your house without having to lift a DIY-averse finger.

Spice Up the Color Scheme

By changing a few small aspects of the space, you can drastically affect the overall feel and look of the room. If you’ve got a neutral color scheme (say, whites and greys), then why not splash in some deep red accents. Get red throw pillows, a red rug, a piece of red wall art, a red lamp, etc. Punctuate the room with these little additions and you’ll trick yourself into thinking it’s a whole new room.

Cozy Bedroom

If you live in Dubai then you’re probably not going to want a cosy bedroom as it’s too hot, but if you live in Britain, then cosy should definitely be a top priority. Luckily for you, it’s very easy to do.

Embrace sheepskin, is my answer. Sheepskin with its warm, luxurious feel will be able to transform any barren wasteland of a room into a heaven of comfort. Take a look at a these sheepskin rug selections and maybe get a blanket or two to drape over the bed. It will keep you warm in winter and there’s nothing quite like sinking your bare toes into a sheepskin rug every morning.

Light and Airy

This comes down to personal preference, because some people really love a dark, gloomy, cluttered mess of a room… oh wait, no they don’t. People like big open spaces that capture a lot of light and maybe, just maybe, make you feel like you’re living in Beverly Hills condo and not a one bedroom flat in London that costs the same as the Beverly Hills condo. To get this look, you need to clear away the clutter. Someone once said that you should always get rid of anything in your home that doesn’t serve a purpose or isn’t aesthetically pleasing. The next stage is to open the place up to the light. You can get blinds that let in a bit of light, and you can also put up some mirrors to allow the light to travel around the room.

Move Around

This will take a little effort, but it won’t require any DIY knowledge and you can just get someone who likes lifting things to do it for you. Rearrange your living spaces to see what works. You might not like it and end up moving it all back again after a week or two, but live with the new arrangement and you might wonder why you ever had it the old way.

All of these tips require minimal effort for a great end result. All you need is a little eye for details and maybe a strong arm for the last one and you’re all set.

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