‘I represent middle America’: Tomi Lahren explains her brand on ‘The View’

On Friday, Tomi Lahren appeared on The View to talk about her success as a one-woman conservative counterpoint show.

“I represent middle America,” Lahren told the hosts of the panel show when asked how she was able to garner so much success with her own show.

She went on to further explain that people who live on the coasts of the United States often see their views reflected in popular media, but those who live in the “middle” don’t have that same representation, except when it comes to shows like hers.

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Lahren and the hosts then went on to discuss several “hot topics.” Lahren and Jedediah Bila both expressed support for the newest travel ban, though Lahren surprisingly found common ground with Joy Behar on their opinion that Saudi Arabia should be included on the list of countries on the ban.

Most interestingly, Lahren expressed her pro-choice opinion, which is in keeping with her hands-off approach to government, as she feels the government should not intervene with a person’s individual decisions. For as much of a conservative darling as she is, that position, she admitted, has gotten her hatred from the right as much as her other views bring hate from the left.

Source:: The Grio

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