‘Can I see your proof of residency?’: Waiter asks Latinas to prove they’re legally in the country

A fun night out on the town turned sour for a group of Hispanic women when they visited Saint Marc Pub-Café in Huntington Beach, California on March 11.

Diana Carrillo, 24, shared her experience on Facebook. Carillo, her sister and two other female friends ordered some drinks and were told by the waiter that they needed to prove they were “from here” before he would serve them.

Carillo, whose parents are immigrants was understandably offended. Her friends were equally disturbed but at first, they were not sure if the waiter was joking. Turns out he wasn’t.

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Saint Marc has fired the racist waiter and offered to donate 10% of the weekends profits to a charity of the women’s choosing. They were also invited back to the restaurant as VIP guests but they declined the offer.

Carillo decided on Orange County Immigrant Youth United to receive the donations.

She said that she is worried these types of incidents will keep happening due to the political climate surrounding immigration.

“I feel that’s the direction we’re headed in, given who’s the president. That’s one of the reasons I posted it on social media rather than just dealing with the restaurant.”

Source:: The Grio

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