Trump Nazi billboard in Phoenix sparks controversy

A new billboard in Phoenix, Arizona has sparked controversy with its anti-Trump message. The Nazi-esque sign is standing on the 1000 block of Grand Avenue and was designed by female artist Karen Fiorito.

“I got the opportunity to have a platform to say something, and I took that opportunity, and I take full responsibility for it,” said Fiorito. According to her the Limited Liability Corporation, which is an organization in Phoenix that supports the arts are the ones who gave her this platform.

The billboard has an image of Donald Trump in the center foreground with mushroom clouds going off behind him and Nazi-like dollar signs to either side of him.

On the other side of the billboard there is another message. Unity is spelled out in sign language.

The artist says there is a lot to the billboard and it’s up to people to interpret it as they see fit.

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It has gotten mixed reviews from those in the area.

“I think this is the greatest thing that I’ve seen in a long time,” said Mike Bolenbach. “I think everything Donald Trump is doing is destroying America from the inside.”

“Take it to your house!” said Jeff Whiteman. “I live right here, I have to wake up to this every day. Disrespectful.”

“There’s a lot of tension right now in the air, and I’m trying to express that for a lot of people who feel they don’t have a voice right now,” Fiorito said before going on that in the end this comes down to Freedom of Speech.

“I do feel like we are headed down a road of destruction,” said Fiorito. “So, that’s my expression and I think I have the right to say that, and they do believe me.”

Source:: The Grio

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