Two men staged a fake proposal to catch their cheating girlfriend

Two men were dating the same woman and decided to play a little prank on her. The best news? They caught the whole thing on video.

One of the men surprised the woman at work when he got down on one knee and proposed. Her co-workers even unknowingly got in on it, cheering and saying, “Oh my god!” loudly, so everyone could hear what was happening.

This is when things take a turn. You can see the would-be groom look around nervously. Eventually, the second boyfriend walks in and it takes a moment for the woman to react.

“You had two good men!” the second lover yells at her. “Two good f*cking men! You f*cked it up!”

At that point, the woman had had enough because she walks out the door, presumably during her shift. One of the boyfriends calls after her, “You see how you played me?”

Turns out that both of them men had been dating her since November and one of them even says he bought her a car.

Man stuns girlfriend with police brutality-inspired proposal

Source:: The Grio

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