Lena Dunham Open To More Girls After Finale, Maybe Movie

Actress Lena Dunham has given fans of her hit series Girls hope that the upcoming finale might not be the last they’ll see of their beloved characters.
As the show’s creator and her castmates wind down the series, Lena tells The Guardian they’ve all agreed to come back for a sequel or a movie if the timing feels right.
“We’ve always said we would never push aside the idea of doing a sequel, or a movie,” Lena said. “We are not sick of our jobs. We understand when it’s time to hold ’em and when it’s time to fold ’em, but returning to these characters would be an amazing thing.
“Once the appropriate length of time had passed, we would be all in.”
With just two episodes of the show still to air, Lena added, “I’ll have to examine how long they waited before that Sex and the City movie. I think it was only a couple of years. We will see if people miss us the same way.”

Source:: WENN – Blog

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