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Trump reportedly can’t get a hotel room in Hamburg for G20 Summit

According to a German news report, the White House waited too long to book a hotel room for President Donald Trump ahead of the G20 summit, and now, it is unclear where the leader of the free world will be sleeping when he comes to Hamburg.

The Hamburger Abendblatt reported that when the White House called in to look for a hotel room for Trump in Hamburg, they found that all the high-end hotel rooms had already been booked ahead of the summit. Hotels such as the Four Seasons and the Park Hyatt, according to both the Abendblatt and BuzzFeed News, who called around to see if any rooms were available and if Trump had booked there, had all been filled up with dignitaries and other people of note, most of whom were coming for the G20 summit.

In fact, some leaders had called in advance to book more than just a room, as was the case with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, who booked an entire hotel for himself and his staff.

Seeing as Trump’s name is synonymous with a hotel empire, this oversight is not just bad planning, it’s downright embarrassing.

Source:: The Grio

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