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kerri zane

Kerri Zane Discusses Her Book “My Lover’s Keeper”

In this exclusive interview with DatzHott, author and TV producer Kerri Zane talks about the inspiration behind her novel, My Lover’s Keeper, which involves the story of an unhappily married woman who hatches a plan to keep her extramarital lover from straying any further. Recently, My Lover’s Keeper was the number one fiction paperback for […]


Conversations Lounge (Ep. 02) ft. Leah Myette & Heather Mcadams (Episode 2)

Leah Myette and Heather Mcadams stop by the Conversations Lounge to discuss their latest projects, while Leah shares a story with us about how she almost sold one of her kidneys on Ebay, with hopes of using the proceeds to finance a project.