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Child Service Officials Keen To Hand McCready’s Kids Over To Her Mom

Shawty Lo Arrested For Non-Payment Of Child Support

Say it aint so. Shawty Lo, who was recently begging Oxygen to give his ratchet show “a chance”, found himself in handcuffs this weekend in ATL. Dj Smallz tweeted a picture of Shawty Lo getting arrested in the same outfit he was in earlier that day on CNN‘s Showbiz Tonight. Shawty Lo was supposedly detained […]

Stereotypical Secrets: African-Americans and Sexual Abuse

We have a problem in the African-American community and that problem comes in the form of silence. The black community is often too silent when it comes to sexual abuse. According to school principle Judith Adams of Chicago’s Jefferson Alternative School program, There are elements of shame and powerlessness associated with male children who are […]

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