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Former Deathrow President Calls Katt Williams The Suge Knight Of Comedy

Actor/comedian Katt Williams has been in the press more than he’s been on comedy stages, as of late. Due to his recent string of run-ins with the law, many have slapped Williams with the label of crazy. His friend, Suge Knight, says Katt Williams isn’t crazy, just short-tempered. While people have attributed Katt Williams’ recent […]


Suge Knight Speaks On Katt Williams: He’s Not Crazy “Really Sensitive”

Death Row founder and Hip-Hop heavyweight, Suge Knight, has re-emerged on the scene as comedian Katt Williams’ tour manager. And according to him, the funnyman is just a sensitive celebrity being harassed by fans, going through a “rough spell” that comes with success. TMZ reports: Suge — who was present for Katt’s most recent arrest […]

2006 Gala of The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Joan Rivers HANDCUFFS Herself to Shopping Cart in Anti-Costco Protest

Cops were called to an L.A. Costco yesterday — after comedian Joan Rivers HANDCUFFED herself to a shopping cart during a one-woman protest against the wholesale store … comparing the place to “Nazi Germany” … and we got video of the entire&…